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Studio life

Founded in 2009, we are a group of seasoned, passionate and talented developers recognized for our unique creative vision and ability to fuse intense first-person gameplay with immersive narratives, all within beautifully detailed worlds.


Studio values

MachineGames is always aiming to create the best work environment possible where all employees can thrive and prosper.

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    Everything we do at MachineGames comes from our love of telling exciting stories and our passion for engaging gameplay. We combine crisp, varied, first-person gameplay with climatic action and our distinctive storytelling to create unforgettable gameplay experiences. We want to put you at the centre of the worlds we create and live and breathe the characters in them.

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    Whether it be a new concept or a reimagining of a classic, we never shy away from putting our unique approach to gameplay, immersion, and storytelling into a game. We create the games that we want to play and also try to deliver them in ways that are different from many of the other common gaming experiences we see today. We want to be brave, bold, and push boundaries.

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    Creativity and passion for gaming can be found everywhere and here at MachineGames we do not shy away from that, because we want the best possible quality for our games and our fans. We want everyone to be able to shape their ideas and dreams into reality with as much support and encouragement as we can offer. We’re inclusive and welcoming to anyone that wants to be a part of the team and believe in supporting causes that our family here is passionate about. The one thing we all have in common is our love of games.

Benefits at Machinegames

MachineGames offers a robust benefits package to all its employees, including competitive pension and insurance packages, annual wellness days, flexible working hours, hybrid workplace solutions, as well as in-office perks such as a daily breakfast bar, fruit, snacks, coffee and the weekly “studio fika”. There are also frequent employee functions such as team building events, company gatherings and more.

In addition to the benefits offered by MachineGames, Sweden has generous public benefits including paid vacation 25 days a year, medical care, dental care, childcare, sickness benefit, and parental leave of 480 days per child which can be used by either parent. Education from Primary School through University is free of charge.

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    • Private health (optional), sickness, accident, and life insurance benefits
    • Occupational healthcare
    • Paid time off
    • Wellness days
    • Wellness credits
    • Yearly eye examinations
    • Access to ZeniMax's Employee Assistance Program
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    Living in Sweden has generous public benefits

    • Healthcare
    • Generous parental leave
    • Subsidized childcare
    • Free education from 6 years old to university
    • Dental
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    Future Planning & Professional Support

    • Comprehensive pension/retirement plans
    • Relocation assistance for you and your family
    • Hybrid workplace solutions
    • Flexible working hours
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    Perks beyond work

    • Access to Bethesda employee discounts, game libraries, and other special opportunities
    • Workplace and team building events
    • Employee interest groups including board games, Quake modding and miniature painting
    • Offsite activities including movie nights, floorball, and climbing
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    In-studio amenities & facilities

    • Motion Capture Studio
    • In-office breakfast, fruit, snacks, and more
    • Weekly "studio fika" to meet the rest of the MachineGames team
    • Break / lounge rooms
    • Ping pong, pool table, darts, arcade games, and more

Moving to Uppsala

For new employees moving to Uppsala we offer professional immigration services to aid with work permit applications for the employee and their dependents. Additionally, we offer relocation reimbursement to cover the costs associated with travel, temporary living needs and shipping of household items to your new home.


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At MachineGames we recruit the best developer talent in the industry and offer them the opportunity to create groundbreaking games. Games like these await our future team members.