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Evening lights of a bridge, the cathedral and parts of Uppsala from across the water

Life in Uppsala, Sweden

One of the oldest cities in Sweden, Uppsala is a multicultural city with something for everyone. It's also just a short train ride from Sweden's metropolitan capital, Stockholm.

Early morning dew set on the rolling “Kings hills” and dirt roads on a cold morning in “Old Upsala”

The Heart of the City

The newly renovated MachineGames offices lie right in the middle of Uppsala's city center, putting it within walking distance from its compact commercial district. Working in the city center means you're never far from quaint little specialty shops, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and bars frequented by tourists, residents, and students from Uppsala's collegiate community. From the office's rooftop terrace you have a beautiful view of the Fyris River as it flows through Uppsala, running past the Uppsala Cathedral and the iconic Uppsala Castle, which together form the city's signature skyline. Meeting the river from the south is a lush forest which cuts into the center of the city, forming the central park where residents can partake in recreational activities or morning strolls.

Aerial shot of Uppsala Castle in the later afternoon

Convenient for all lifestyles

Uppsala's proximity to Sweden's largest airport, Arlanda, makes it ideal for conducting business on a global scale. That and the city's stunning features also make Uppsala a popular tourist destination.

Train system at Uppsala Central Station

Uppsala is a city steeped in history

Uppsala is a city steeped in history. One of the oldest cities in Sweden, it was previously known as Östra Aros. The region around Uppsala features Sweden's highest density of runestones and other archaeological remains, and in Old Uppsala, you can visit the ancient burial mounds of the Viking kings of old. Uppsala's world-famous university has produced many famous scientists like Carl Linnaeus and Anders Celsius, and today it competes on the forefront of academic research. Attracting students from all over the world, Uppsala is a diverse city that offers an exciting variety of cultural experiences.