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The people of Machinegames

Designing and building levels

— With Didrik Breitholtz, Senior Level Designer

Didrik Breitholtz

What do you find rewarding about your role at MachineGames?

I’ve had several roles during my years at MachineGames. I initially joined as a Quality Assurance tester back in 2012 for Wolfenstein: The New Order. Then I was the Technical Level Designer during the Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, and from there I moved over to doing level design. I’ve always found some way of helping, regardless of the role I had, and I think I have enjoyed the collaborations between the departments the most. Working together to solve problems or sharing ideas is very rewarding and a great way to tie the team together, and that is where I feel being a level designer is a great fit.

What makes your work at MachineGames meaningful to you?

Games go way back for me as a way of escaping the uneventful life of growing up in a village on the countryside, and I think that is quite the common tale for many. Most of us see games as a hobby or a means to wind down after a hectic day at school or work, but they also help people who are going through hard times by providing a place of refuge. That is where I find meaning in what we are doing as game developers.

What are some of your proudest achievements or contributions from your time at MachineGames?

I’ve contributed to all the games we’ve put out so far, be it as a tester or level designer. My favorite project is probably Wolfenstein: The New Order, just because of how new things were for me back then. It was a great experience with a lot of hard work and plenty of late nights (some of them turned into mornings and afternoons). I loved the responsibility of making sure that each part of the game shipped in the quality the developers had intended. I take pride in being part of that first production because it shows what type of games this studio is built for and what we can do.

My most prominent contribution as a level designer was my first challenge in this role; the Gestapo Tower of Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Along with the main campaign mission that played out there I also contributed to its side missions, including a propaganda sabotage, a prison break and an intel retrieval mission. I oversaw the level’s layout and the scripting of all the missions.

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